Double Yellow Head Amazon egg For Sale


One of the most sold amazon parrots in the USA, the Amazona ochrocephala oratrix, this species is what you find most times when offered baby double yellow head amazons, with little or no yellow and red in bend of the wings and when young just the forehead and crown is yellow, with the entire head being covered in yellow in few years. Double Yellow Head Amazons are native from Mexico, mostly central, west and eastern and can be found in some southern areas as well in smaller numbers even down into central america. Though once common, all double yellow head amazon variants are becoming more and more uncommon acrosss their native lands.


The other geo different subspecies although sometimes not recognized as separate species is the Magna or eastern double yellow-headed amazon subspecies Amazon ochrocephala (magna), being uncommon and the most colorful with the head being covered more at an earlier age, many get full yellow much sooner than the oratrix. Our magna babies will even have yellow around their eyes and yellow going down into their chest area when only few months old, which is totally distinctive of the magna species. The wings have the yellow and red in the bends and also under the wings at the bend and where it joins the body, even when very young you can see this. We see the yellow leg stockings very early.